What is BDD?

People with Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) are concerned about perceived flaw/s in their appearance and typically worry that they look ugly or abnormal.

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Feelings and Symptoms

BDD can cause emotional distress, including feeling of anxiety, shame, depression and disgust. Even if sufferers’ concerns about their appearance aren’t noticeable to others, their distress is very real.

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Impact on Daily Life

If you are struggling with BDD, you may be finding it more difficult to be around others, maybe because you want to hide your physical appearance from them.

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History of BDD

Did you know that BDD was first diagnosed in 1891!

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Celebs with BDD

These celebrities have shared their struggles with BDD.

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Related Conditions

Here are a few common problems that can co-exist with BDD. How does someone separate out from BDD from other conditions? The job of a mental health professional is to tease out what the core problem is and whether there is an additional one.

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Frequently Asked Questions on BDD answered.

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Helpful Resources

Do I Have BDD Quiz? Books, videos and more

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More stories from the BDD community

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