BDD by Proxy

BDD by proxy is a little known variant of BDD in which an aspect or aspects of another person’s appearance are the focus of preoccupation.

Most commonly the other person is the sufferers partner or child. People with BDD by proxy have often had BDD or OCD themselves at some time.

In many ways the behaviours (checking, comparing, avoidance and so on) in BDD by proxy are similar to those of ‘self-focused’ BDD and it can cause hours of preoccupation and great distress. There has been relatively little research in this area, but clinical experience has shown that the same treatment approach used for ‘self-focused’ BDD can be effective for BDD by proxy.

More information on BDD by Proxy can be found on the International OCD Foundation website >

The Body Dysmorphic Disorder Foundation. Charity no. 1153753.