Will Cosmetic Surgery/ Treatments Help Cure My BDD?

Cosmetic Surgery is not recommended with BDD. There is the risk of increased distress if a procedure does not meet expectations. Often the focus of the BDD will move to other aspects of the appearance which can lead to multiple procedures.

Given that a person with BDD is preoccupied with a perceived flaw in their appearance, it is only natural that people seek physical solutions to their appearance concerns. However, BDD is a psychological problem and requires psychological treatment. Research tells us that the majority of people who have BDD and engage in cosmetic treatments continue to be dissatisfied. Some of the common outcomes are:

  • The person continues to feel the same amount of shame and preoccupation about their appearance.
  • The person’s preoccupation and worry about appearance becomes worse.
  • The person has improved feelings about a certain perceived flaw, but the preoccupation moves to a different feature.
  • The person feels a sense of guilt and shame that the treatment was not effective in reducing their preoccupation and worry.

We acknowledge that this is a very difficult decision to navigate. If you are considering having a cosmetic treatment or surgery about a ‘flaw’ that is causing you excessive worry or shame, we would strongly encourage you to seek professional mental health support.

Treatment for BDD does not involve altering your appearance and many people’s symptoms are relieved through professional BDD treatment.

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The Body Dysmorphic Disorder Foundation. Charity no. 1153753.