Managing challenging behaviour in children & young people with OCD/BDD

with Dr Chloë Volz

Chloë is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Team Lead for the service, overseeing treatment for the most severe, treatment-resistant cases of young people with OCD. She is pioneering Multi-Family Group work with families of young people with OCD. With 2 colleagues, she published the clinic’s treatment manual and workbook OCD – Tools to help young people fight back! Turner, Krebs and Volz. OCD and related disorders cause high levels of distress and anxiety and it is not uncommon for children and young people suffering from OCD to become aggressive and challenging at times. Parents may report that this is “out of character” and it can be highly distressing for family members to have to witness and manage these episodes of challenging behaviour. This talk aims to help parents to understand what might be going on for their children and to help them think through how best to approach these situations.

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